Welcome to Smithers - Oasis, Malaysia

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14th-22th June 2014 
Floria Putrajaya 2014 Precinct 4, Putrajaya, Malaysia http://www.floriaputrajaya.com.my/
16th August 2014 FDSS Cup 2014
The Meadows Gardens By The Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore

16th-24th August 2014
Singapore Garden Fest 2014 The Meadows Gardens By The Bay 
18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore

17th November 2014
Dazzling Dazzling  Surabaya   

28th November 2014

3rd January 2015
Go Green 2nd Flower Competition & Flower Show 2015 Auto-City Prai, Penang  

29th July 2015
Beyond Flowers Manila, Philippines  

26th September 2015
BEYOND Petals Bangkok, Thailand  

15th October 2015
Beyond the Daily Grind Jakarta