Welcome to Smithers - Oasis, Malaysia

What kinds of products do you sell? 
Smithers-Oasis offers a selection of floral foams, both wet and dry for fresh and silk arrangements - in many different shapes and sizes, plus a comprehensive range of arranging aids and floral sundries for the retail florist and hobbyist. 

A line of Floralife® post-harvest, flower care products is also available. 

I am a retail florist. Can I buy OASIS® Floral Products direct? 
We sell our products only to floral wholesalers and distributors throughout the country. Please visit the Where To Buy section of our website or call our Sales Department on (604) 431 8398 to find wholesalers near to you. 

Can I buy OASIS® Floral Products from your web site? 
We do not offer the purchase of our products from our web site at this time. 

Do you sell flowers or plant material? 
Smithers-Oasis sells only hard-good supplies and no perishable cut flowers or plants. 

What is the proper way to soak OASIS® floral foam and how long does it take? 
Use the "float soak" method – fill a clean tub or container with fresh water and a measured amount of Floralife® Fresh Flower Food. Place the floral foam brick (or any portion of it) onto the top of the fresh water with floral nutrient, and allow the foam to float freely down into the water. DO NOT FORCE THE FOAM down into the water - this will create air pockets, prohibiting the transfer of water from the foam to the stem. On average a brick of floral foam takes 50 seconds to soak. 

Remember, water must be added daily to floral foam to replenish supply. 

How do I handle and store OASIS® Floral Foam? 
OASIS® Floral Foam is best stored in normal room temperature, away from direct sunlight. The superior properties in the floral foam that allow flowers to stay fresher longer may cause the product to discolour from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, however, this would not affect the water-holding properties of the floral foam. Avoid heavy handling, pressing or indenting the floral foam, as the foam’s cell structure may be crushed, inhibiting the hydration of stems subsequently placed in the floral foam. Avoid extreme heat, as this will also cause high drainage after soaking. 

Does OASIS® Floral Foam have a shelf life? 
OASIS® Floral Foam, if kept in good conditions, will not deteriorate with age. Avoid extreme heat and humidity as this can, in some cases, reduce water retention properties. 

Can I use OASIS® Floral Foam after it has dried out? 
We strongly recommend that you use the floral foam right after you have soaked it. However, if you find you are unable to use the floral foam immediately after soaking, leave the floral foam in the soaking container for up to twenty-four hours, rather than letting it dry out. 

What is OASIS® Floral Foam made from? 
OASIS® Floral Foam is made from Phenolic Resin. The resin formulation plus other ingredients are combined to ensure the OASIS® Floral Foam is achieving consistently perfect results every time - a property valued by florists and flower arrangers worldwide. 

What is the proper way to soak  OASIS® RAINBOW® Foam  and how long does it take? 
Use the "float soak" method – place the RAINBOW® Foam on the surface of the water and, if possible, nutrient mixture. Let the foam absorb the mixture until it rests at the surface or sinks to the bottom of the soaking container. Do not forcibly submerge, as this will result in dry spots, which deny flower stems of hydration. The saturation time will vary between two and five minutes. 

What do I do when I get my bouquet of fresh flowers home? 
Re-cut all the stems. Re-cutting removes the sealed-over end of each stem and immediately allows an uptake of water, while reducing the chance of air bubbles blocking the stem. Be sure to cut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife. Scissors may crush the stem, cutting off its ability to take up water. Remove all foliage below the water line in your vase or container, as flower foliage in water can be a carrier of bacteria.