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Flower Care Tips
Buy your flowers from reputable, responsible sources that follow proper care and handling procedures. 

Clean soaking containers and tools daily, and flower buckets at least once a week, to eliminate the presence of bacteria. 

Receive and process flowers immediately upon receipt from your supplier, checking for damage, wilting, mildew, bacterial growth and insects. 

Place newly re-cut flowers in anFloralife® floral nutrient and water solution. Remove any foliage that falls below the water line, as foliage in water promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. Let the flowers stand at room temperature for approximately one hour. This process is called 'hardening off.' 

Know your water. Water composition varies from one source to another; therefore, your specific floral nutrient requirements may vary as well. 

To ensure the proper mixture of water and floral nutrient, follow the directions on the package. For maximum efficiency in dispensing the proper nutrient solution, install an automatic dispensing system. 

Educate yourself to the characteristics and specific care and handling requirements of different flower varieties, i.e. the proper handling of flowers sensitive to ethylene gas. 
Give your customers one or two sachets of Floralife® Flower Food, along with a few suggestions on what they can do to prolong the life of their flower purchase.