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Successful Selling During Busy Periods

For the time starved florist during busy periods it's challenging to give customers the guidance and time needed to choose the best gift to give, plus trying to juggle one hundred andoneother high priority tasks at the same time. Yet building a rapport with the customers will pay dividends in the end by giving them the confidence to buy from you.

Here are a few super selling tips for busy periods:

  • Love your product and your customer.
  • Listen to the customer; ask the right questions, open ended so that they cannot be answered with just a 'Yes' or a 'No', so that you gain the maximum information.
  • Earn their trust if customers like you they will feel more comfortable purchasing.
  • Selling not telling, don't just reel off a list of prices and products, show the benefits.
  • Have a good range of floral products on show in the shop for customers to choose from, and keep the shop well stocked, keep replacing, blank spaces don't sell.
  • Build a rapport, chatting is great but it's crucial to keep focused and find out what the customer wants.
  • Take advantage of add on sales.

For maximum efficiency during busy periods here are some great tactics from top florists around the country:

  • Organise extra drivers well in advance and give them a one day induction two weeks before the busy period begins.
  • Ask drivers to give in their delivery sheets on each return, and then have a specially designated place to keep completed sheets; this will help when delivery queries come in.
  • Have regular staff briefings at peak periods to inspire and allocate work.
  • Order OASIS® Floral Products and other sundries well in advance.
  • Allocate work to staff based on their ability, choose the best sales person for shop selling, the person quickest at arrangements in OASIS® Advantage Floral Foam making these etc.

Lack of space can be a problem, choose containers that stack easily, this will save room and be economical.       
Basic floral hygiene will maximize vase life for cut flowers this will help keep customers satisfied. Clean and disinfect buckets and other containers every day. FLORALIFE® Cleaner is a great general purpose detergent to clean buckets, tools, coolers and surfaces.