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Christmas Tips - Lets Party

Giving them the time of their lives, this is what experts suggest small shops can give their customers where larger retailers fail. A unique shopping experience on every visit, florists have the expertise and the most fabulous natural product in the world - flowers. Couple this with sassy designs and a fun filled committed customer service, then watch them form a queue outside.

● The first foray a customer makes into the shop will leave a lasting impression; it must be a good one. 

● Turn the shop into a Christmas wonderland, with enticing window displays and themed décor. 

● Party with the customers, have fun, even tidy up the workroom and invite them in. 

● Return to flower arrangements made in OASIS® Floral Foam, something the multiples don't do. 

● Get arty and revamp old favourite designs, give them a new contemporary lease of life. 

● Make it easy, have gifts made up to take away in a variety of price points. 

● Hit the spot with fabulous friendly personal service. 

● Create cool brand packaging that looks swanky and shoppers will be proud to carry out of your shop. 

● Inject drama into gifts by using the huge range of OASIS® Floral Products designed to enhance flowers. 

● Don't neglect pot plant sales, they are a money spinner. 

● Place perfumed flowers near the doorway of the shop to give a wonderful whiff as customers enter. 

● Let them linger, the more relaxed a customer feels, the more eager they are to spend. 

● Think carefully about positioning merchandise, where are the hot spot selling areas? Nifty profitable small gifts by the door perhaps? 

● Seduce customers with high style displays showcasing your talent. 

● If it's a late night shopping evening, razzle dazzle them with a trendy floral demonstration. 

● Phew, Christmas Day, sit back, eat turkey and count the profit!