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Valentine‘s on a Sunday

When Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday it can be tricky. Although consumers are used to shopping on a Sunday they don’t generally think smaller retailers, like flower shops, will be open. So because it’s a last minute purchase for many, most customers beat a path to their local superstore. There is a huge amount of competition from other retailers so changing the viewpoint of the Valentine buyer is essential to maximize sales. Going the extra mile to advertise your opening hours and products will reap benefits.

Here are a few ideas:

• Advertise well in advance that you will be open for business on Sunday 14th February.

• Have an A board outside the shop in January with quirky Valentine's messages that make passers by smile and promote Valentine's Day in your shop. Change the messages every few days so that people stop to read.

• Create an unusual window display that gets people talking.

• Talk to every customer in the shop; make sure they all know you will be delivering Valentines gifts on Sunday 14th February.

• Use the full range of OASIS® Floral Products to uplift even the smallest gift in an economical yet glamorous way.

• Negotiate with your local newspaper, or ask reliable teenagers to post flyers for you, advertising your in house special offers.

• Get some brave person to dress up as cupid and give out leaflets in your local High Street.

• Give an incentive to buy early, special offers, early bird deals etc.

• Convert your shop into a lover’s boudoir, an exciting place to buy a desirable Valentines gift.

• Give a product demonstration in the canteen of a local factory or call centre etc. Give everyone a little gift as they leave, a sachet of Floralife® Flower food is ideal.

• Don’t neglect Internet sales; this is where an advance purchase is most likely.