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Fresh Inspirations The OASIS® Floral Foam Florette


Step 1. Soak and drain an OASIS® Florette Grande. Create an outline of sturdy foliage using an Aspidistra leaf for the main vertical placement. Make sure the foliage outline is inserted into the floral foam just above the tray base then cut the foliage stems on a sharp diagonal for easy and stable insertion into the foam. 

The outline of foliage, an elongated triangle, should be firm to protect the flowers and also to create a visually interesting framework. Fill in the central foam with contrasting foliage such as Hedera, Ming fern and Pittosporum. Use Cornus stems to create a strong vertical line.


Step 2. Make a central line of Lilies, elevating the stems to the focal area, followed by a group of Gerbera echoing the line of Lilies. Again make sure that the stems are cut diagonally and pushed firmly into the floral foam. Placements of Roses make the widest line from the focal flowers.

Fill in with Eustoma and weave Crushed Organza through the flowers securing at the base and tip of the spray. Finish off by adding extra foliage to cover the floral foam. Spray with water and leave in a cool place until required.


Designer Tip. To avoid accidents when using a knife always cut away from you.  Do not over clutter the spray, leave space between the flowers and recess some to give extra depth to the design.

Flowers and Foliage 
Asiatic Lily ‘Tresor’
Aspidistra Leaves
Eustoma ‘Piccolo Yellow’
Gerbera ‘Harley’
Rose ‘Milva’
Selection of Foliage
OASIS® Florette
FLORALIFE® Finishing Touch

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OASIS® Florette


FLORALIFE® Finishing Touch