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U-shaped for Luck


Step1. Saturate OASIS® Medium Wreath 30cm in Floralife® Flower Food 300 solution. Remove the pre-cut circle of foam from the centre leaving the surrounding ring. Cut the remaining ring in 2 adjacent places to form two ‘U’ shaped foam bases of equal size. 


Step 2: Join the two ‘U’ shaped foam bases together back-to-back with wood picks to form a thicker ‘U’ shape. Attach the circle of pre-cut foam to a dish using pin holders then place the ‘U’ shape on top so that it sits vertically upright. Secure its position on top of the pre-cut foam with a wood pick.


Step 3: Wrap and pin foliage around the pre-cut circular foam base. Cover the ‘U’ shaped foam with Orchids, Roses and Leaves to create texture. Incorporate Salix horizontally into the ‘U’ shaped arrangement to give dimension and movement.


Flowers and Foliage




Variety of Leaves



OASIS® Wreath Rings

FLORALIFE® Flower Food 300

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OASIS® Wreath Rings


FLORALIFE® Flower Food 300