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Ring of Roses


Step 1. Float soak the OASIS® Floral Foam Netted Sphere for hanging designs and then leave to drain away any excess water. Do not over soak as this will make the Sphere too heavy. Secure a long wire or tie a strong ribbon to the top of the Sphere for hanging designs. 


Step 2. Fill the Sphere with small pieces of Gypsophilia, ensuring that the stems push well into the floral foam for security and to absorb water. Space the Roses evenly around the Sphere and again push the stems firmly into the floral foam. Add a Diamante Pin to the centre of each Rose.


Step 3. Make a long gossamer garland by using several strands of Bullion Wire. Then twist tiny pin wheels along their length. Thread Beads onto a long wire. Add some narrow Organza ribbon, wire all the strands together and use a pin to secure the garland to the floral foam at one side. Add trails of lace also if desired. Spray with OASIS® FLORALIFE® Finishing Touch and suspend securely.

Flowers and Foliage 
Short Stem Roses ‘Vanilla’ 
Gypsophila – ‘Million Stars’

OASIS® Netted Sphere 
Oasis® Diamante Pins 
Oasis™ Bullion Wires
FLORALIFE® Finishing Touch

  What We Used                          


OASIS® Floral Foam Netted Spheres


OASIS® Diamante Pins


Oasis™ Bullion Wire


FLORALIFE® Finishing Touch