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Advent Arrival


Step 1. Soak and leave to drain a 12” OASIS® NAYLORBASE® Ring. Make two sturdy, long hangers by plaiting together three lengths of Aluminium Wire. The length of the hangers will depend on where the Advent wreath is to be sited. Leave the four ends of the plaited wire free and take these under the ring at equal distances, bringing them back up, encasing the ring, and then twist securely to the plaited wire. Join the two loops together at the top of the hanger and then make a hanging ring from a Parafilm covered thick Stub Wire bound with gold Aluminium Wire. Form into a circle and add it securely with gold Aluminium Wire to the top of the plaited wires.

Step 2. Cover the underside of the ring with a decorative layer of Skeleton Bayan Leaves. Glue these in place neatly. Roll more Skeleton Bayan Leaves and glue in place to make a decorative frill edging. 

Step 3. Use candle holders to insert the candles at an equal distance around the ring between the hanging wires. Group the Roses and Spray Carnations around the ring first, intersperse baubles and the Spray Chrysanthemum, fill in with seasonal foliage and tuck in more rolled Skeleton Bayan Leaves until the ring is covered. Remove the leaves from the Amaranthus and trail at intervals around the ring. Finally finish by adding a dusting of Flower Glitter to the Roses. Add a disclaimer when selling as candles can be a fire hazard. Spray daily with OASIS® Floralife® Finishing Touch.

Roses ‘Grand Prix’
Amaranthus Trailing Red
Chrysanthemum Spray ‘Yoko Ono’
Spray Carnation ‘Scarlette’
Hypericum ‘Green Condor’
Holly and other seasonal foliage

12” OASIS® Naylorbase® Ring 
OASIS™ Aluminium Wire Gold
OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube 

What We Used                          


OASIS® Naylorbase™ Rings


OASIS™ Aluminium Wire


OASIS® Floral Adhesive Tube